My Story

Hi there, this is the ‘official version’ of what I’ve been up to over the years.

Peter Gould is a celebrated designer & creative entrepreneur. His innovative, award-winning work is highly sought after globally and it has touched millions with positive, inspirational projects.

Recent success includes the Salam Sisters developed by his Zileej Studio team.

He has won several awards, launched his own apps & games, created popular online platforms, teaches workshops internationally, has work published in several books and is followed by over 250,000 people through social media.

Spiritual Journey

In 2002, while studying graphic design, Peter embraced a spiritual path. He began travelling abroad to the Middle East and fell in love with the beautiful old cities of Fes, Damascus, Istanbul and Medina.

Feeling inspired both visually and spiritually, he embarked on a series of personal artistic projects that resulted in a remarkable fusion of classical Islamic design elements and his signature vibrant, fresh graphic style.

“People dream of becoming someone or doing something that will leave a lasting impression for generations. Peter Gould is one of those dreamers who found the courage to pursue his dreams.” - Saudi Gazette

Early travel photography:

parallax background

Design Journey

Peter Gould is a unique influence behind many of the brands, creative projects, events and initiatives that have helped define the role of modern Islamic design thinking.

His creative perspective has resulted in illuminating, memorable, mindful and vibrant positive experiences that have inspired audiences globally for more than a decade.

This includes consulting and collaborating on strategic branding projects that pioneered the Global Islamic Economy. He has also actively served as a speaker, mentor and teacher for aspiring creatives & entrepreneurs.

“Peter and his creative team have been our strategic design partners for over 5 years. We started working together when our content was reaching 2-3 million people per week and now with his creative direction we are reaching over 30 million people per week." – Hadith of the Day, UK

“Peter’s beautiful work is a welcome addition to the contemporary Islamic art scene, ... a mixture of deep faith and youthfulness that represents tangible modern interpretations of Islam’s everlasting beauty in mind & spirit.”

Juliana Rahim, Curator, Islamic Arts Museum,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Artistic Journey

Peter’s celebrated artistic approach can be described as a unique creative fusion exploring his personal journey over the last decade since embracing Islam, traveling from his native Australia to Muslim-majority countries and Arabic language study.

His artwork & photography is found in the collections of diverse audiences including the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the Prime Minister of Australia’s office, famed entrepreneurs, an embassy in Jakarta, and global celebrities.

His work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and at events around the world, from the prestigious Dolmabahçe Art Gallery in Istanbul to the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, and Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia.

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Creative Innovation

Peter has founded and launched a number of innovative online platforms designed to empower, engage and inspire people around the world.

His is a free platform with over 30 unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) inspired activities for students & teachers. The project aims to install imaginative thinking & positive change through design education.

He has also developed to showcase & highlight wisdoms from successful change makers and creatives.

Peter is a recipient of the Stanford Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has lectured as Casual Academic at the University of Technology, Sydney in subjects relating to Design Thinking & Innovation. His work has been featured and shared in major global media outlets including HuffPost and BuzzFeed.

“Peter Gould is no stranger for those in the creative world. A truly multi-faceted talent, Peter has inspired many through his art, photography, design and branding.”

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