Artwork & Exhibitions

My creative journey is inspired by my spiritual journey towards inner peace (sakinah). These artworks attempt to reflect my experiences with the Source of all beauty.

Peter’s celebrated artistic approach can be described as a unique creative fusion exploring his Western roots and personal spiritual journey over the last decade since embracing Islam, extensive travel in Muslim-majority countries and Arabic language study.

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Inner Journey

Peter’s vibrant graphic style is infused with spiritual energy, vivid use of light calligraphy and unique expressions of his experiences as a Muslim in traditional centres of inner knowledge & learning, including Morocco, Syria and Turkey.

The artworks explore his personal journeys to understand and the deep meanings within Islamic spiritual practise, love (ishq), God, and the universe.

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Calligraphic Expressions

Deeply inspired by classical Islamic art & architecture during his visits to Damascus, Aleppo, Fes, Granada, Medina, Konya & Istanbul, Peter found himself in awe of the incredible artistic legacy of the Islamic faith.

Peter’s interpretation of this creative heritage into contemporary works and calligraphic experiments has resulted in a unique graphic fusion.

“Peter’s beautiful work is a welcome addition to the contemporary Islamic art scene, a mixture of deep faith and youthfulness that represents tangible modern interpretations of Islam’s everlasting beauty in mind & spirit.”
- Juliana Rahim, Curator, Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Finding the Centre

Peter’s first experience visiting the Kabaa, on pilgrimage to Mecca in 2005, inspired a flourish of creative expression from this newfound spiritual clarity. On further visits to Medina and later Jerusalem, he again found deep purpose in visually expressing his journey through western upbringing & design education, and a sense of inner peace from discovering the Islamic faith.

Exhibitions & Impact

His artwork & photography is found in the collections of diverse audiences including the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the Prime Minister of Australia’s office, famed New York entrepreneurs, an embassy in Jakarta and global celebrities.

His work has been exhibited in dozens of galleries and at events around the world over the past decade, from the prestigious Dolmabahçe Art Gallery in Istanbul to the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival and, Islamic Arts Museum in Malaysia.


My creative journey is inspired by my spiritual journey towards inner peace & the Source of all beauty.