Iqra Bookshelf


Peter’s “Iqra Bookshelf” has been shared and appreciated by many people around the world since it was designed in 2011. So how did it come about? The bookshelf was actually his friend Zain’s idea, who was looking for a special feature in his new home in Sydney.

The two collaborated and were able to bring the idea to life in a functional and beautiful way. The word Iqra (“Read”) is deeply symbolic to Muslims as it was the first word of revelation given to Muhammad. It was a one-off fun, artistic project that embodies the intersection of creativity & spirituality that is associated with Peter’s work.

Construction of the bookshelf was made possible with the ‘Bookworm shelf’ by Ron Arad. Since sharing the Iqra concept, many others around the world have been inspired to create their own versions and interpretations, including a kufic-style wooden Iqra bookshelf installed at the Prime Minister of Dubai’s office. If you’ve made or seen a similar version we’d love to see it!