Like-Hearted Gathering in Dubai

M Powered Summit, Global Islamic Economy Summit, Leadership Award in the Global Islamic Economy, Innovation Gathering, and ‘Disrupt or Be Disrupted’ event!

M Powered Summit


The inaugural M Powered Summit (MPS), founded by Hodan Ibrahim and co-founder Abdelmohaimen Mansi, was a great experience. They successfully created a space exclusively for entrepreneurs and innovators who are shaping the Global Islamic Economy.

With an impressive lineup of speakers including Comm Mirza (CEO Mirza Holdings), Mohamed Faris (Productive Muslim), Irfan Khairi (leading e-marketing guru), Alia Khan (Founder & CEO, IFDC), Shahed Amanullah (Expert on all things entrepreneurial & startup, Affinis Labs), Omar Al Busaidy (Author & Emirati Entrepreneur), Rafi-Uddin Shikoh (DinarStandard), Dustin Craun (Ummahwide, Salam Bank), Chris Blauvelt (LaunchGood), Shahbaz Mirza (Ramadan Legacy), our very own Peter Gould, and many more!

Each spoke from their real-world experiences and expertise. Peter kicked off the event with a presentation on Islamic Branding & Design.

Leaders of the Global Islamic Economy Award


Islamica 500 held an awards ceremony for those who were recognised as the top 50 Leaders of the Global Islamic Economy. Peter received a leadership award and we’re super proud of him!

Highlights of the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2016


The GIES this year had a range of really interesting and inspiring talks and activities. There was a keynote address by Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of Mauritius, a conversation with Moez Masoud, scholar, intellectual, and TV presenter, and an inspiring talk by Omar Samra, who has scaled the 7 summits, trekked to both North and South poles, and won the XCOR competition to go to Space!

There were also fantastic panels that allowed for in-depth exploration of trends and challenges in a variety of topic areas. Peter moderated the panel “Reviving Islamic Art & Design” that featured Haji Noor Deen, Chinese-Muslim calligrapher; Eric Broug, author & educator in Islamic geometry; Carol Bier, scholar in Islamic geometry; and Ahmed Al Ali, architect and entrepreneur.


It was great to see our good friends Haji Noor Deen and Mohamed Faris, founder of Productive Muslim, recognised with the GIES awards in Islamic Arts and Media categories (respectively) this year! The trophies were designed by Peter Pham, our Design Thinker, at Gould.Sydney.

The Innovation Gathering


Perhaps the most unique & memorable moment of the 4 days occurred during a group session away from the main agenda of GIES. The Innovation Gathering grew out of an initiative started by Peter from one of his earlier trips to Dubai, where he organised a gathering called Startups & The Spiritual Path. After a WhatsApp group that grew to 150+ members, it was time to take it to the next level.

This group of like-hearted Muslim entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, and creatives gathered with the purpose of identifying how to create a supportive and productive community. The outcome was a structured group to share ideas, events, tips and have open discussion as a practical way to build a support & growth network across the Islamic Economy.

Event: disrupting the design industry


Catch Peter on this panel addressing disruption in the design industry.

Date & Time: 16 November, 6pm

Location: Powerhouse Museum

Tickets: $35

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