Ramadan with Studio Zileej & LaunchGood

When you think Ramadan what comes to mind? At Studio Zileej we were tasked with re-imagining LaunchGood’s Ramadan experience.

Together we crafted the new Ramadan Challenge, inspired by the vibrant LaunchGood community itself. A community that creates brilliant campaigns with heart, and one that gives with such generosity.

Go behind the scenes of our collaboration here:


They have a competition on to see who can get the most friends to join the 30 Days of Giving challenge! Click here to join, get your own unique URL code, and invite as many friends as possible.

Check out the Let’s Ramadan Together video:


Join thousands on LaunchGood this Ramadan for 30 Days of Giving! Sign up to give automatically or sign up for daily reminders and check our Ramadan hub daily so you don’t miss out on all the tips, stories, and videos we have in store for you! #LetsRamadanTogether https://bit.ly/2VRw0YY

Posted by LaunchGood on Tuesday, 16 April 2019


The newly launched home of Ramadan on LaunchGood, and The Pulse:


The collaboration itself was a juggle between different timezones, and bringing Omar Hamid, CDO of LaunchGood all the way out to Australia.


Brainstorming and journey mapping sessions


There’s more coming with this collaboration, stay tuned and don’t forget to sign up to the 30 Days of Giving challenge. Click here to sign up and see if your city can take the leaderboard!



Peter had this to say about the LaunchGood team:

“LaunchGood have an incredible platform and wonderful team. They’ve impacted millions of lives and help facilitate positive change. It’s a blessing to collaborate and help them deliver a beautiful experience this Ramadan. Please share & support this Ramadan!”