Thailand Halal Assembly

Three-day convention in Bangkok with speakers & delegates from all over the world


Peter Pham, creative thinker of the Gould.Sydney team, was invited to attend the Thailand Halal Assembly 2016 as a speaker. The three-day convention took place in Bangkok and hosted many exhibitors, speakers and delegates from all over the world.

The convention appealed to experts, scientists and academics to embrace innovative research and technologies to raise the standards in halal certification for both Thailand and internationally. At the same time, it appealed to SMEs to promote their product in hopes of expansion and export opportunities.

Peter’s topic was on the Potential of Islamic Arts in Digital Technology, where he spoke about what we can and have achieved with today’s digital technology as well as how we should be embracing future technologies. ‘At the core of creating Islamic Arts is to inspire, educate or enrich. Imagine the opportunities and possibilities when we embrace digital technology – a powerful platform that can help enhance and amplify’

Other speakers included academics and pioneers of science and technology where they presented highly technical topics such as ‘The trends of using enzyme mimic agents in food production and its value in the halal production process.’

An interesting take-home point from the convention was that there is an incredible amount of effort coming from all over the world to improve the Halal industry and thus the Islamic Economy in general.

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