Winner: National Multicultural Marketing Award

“A range of products that teach children about the world, about the alphabet and about cultural diversity, from an Islamic perspective, has won the Export Award at the National Multicultural Marketing Awards,” announced at a gala dinner in Sydney tonight.

Kids of the Ummah is a phone app, a fun party pack and an illustrated book all produced by international award-winning Muslim graphic designer, Peter Gould of Creative Cubed Design Studio, aimed at encouraging learning in a fun, multicultural environment.

Congratulating Mr Gould, the Chair of the Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, said: “This is another wonderful indication of our maturity as a truly multicultural nation with an Australian designer producing modern, exciting, appropriate material for Muslim children and exporting it around the world.

“It really is such a delight and a surprise to those who have not previously encountered children’s education tools aimed at Muslim children to see something which portrays the cultural diversity of Australian Muslims.

“This is a very important demonstration of how Australians can lead the world in teaching acceptance and understanding in a fragile world. We are very diverse. The Islamic faith is very diverse. We can use our very broad cultural diversity to teach acceptance and understanding.

“Mr Gould has told the Commission of a very broad reception and positive feedback from around the world from countries as diverse as Indonesia, Turkey, the United State and France”, he said.

This range of products teaches all children that Islam is a world religion and is found in every part of the world. This message is underlined by the names of the characters which run from A to Z, starting with Anisa from Auburn then Bassam from Beirut and continues all the way to Zahra from Zanzibar.

Peter Gould describes Kids of the Ummah as: “A fantastic way to introduce children to their A-Z alphabet, and their phonetic Arabic equivalents, help them become familiar with Muslim names and diverse cities and Muslim cultures around the world. The result is a powerful agent for change and a very positive export brand proudly created and based in Sydney.”

Peter was also invited by his Local Member of Parliament to discuss the Award and news of the award appeared in local and international press.